The Alexander Technique with Jane Tomkiewicz for poise, balance and ease.
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What other students have said about my teaching of the Alexander Technique:

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“Jane is a gifted teacher who's given me a new awareness of my body alignment, posture and carriage. As a professional musician and teacher her guidance has enhanced my playing and inspired new ideas for my young students.”

--Kelly Howard, violinist, teacher of violin

“Jane showed my great ways to relieve the pain in my side that was making it difficult to play the violin. She also showed me how to notice and begin to correct habits in my posture.”

--Katie Coates, violin student

“I would rate Jane’s teaching as ‘fabulous’. I’m a long time enthusiast of the technique and have had lessons with many different teachers and I would rate Jane as one of the best.”

--Elissa Linowes, personal trainer and musician

“Although I've only had a few lessons I feel the Alexander Technique is a very valuable self-care tool. The more people understand how their bodies and minds work together - the better positioned they will be to address the various problems that come on with repetition, stress, and age. As a health care practicioner I could recommend this as a resource to manage pain, posture and other issues. Jane is a committed and personable teacher.”

-- Patricia Cassidy, acupuncturist

What 92nd St. Y students have said about learning Alexander Technique with Jane:

“I had a great learning experience in this class. It brought an amazing awareness to my dancing and everyday activities. Thanks for such a great class!

“an excellent experience and an eye opener beyond my own verbal ability to explain…”

“I learned a new awareness and useful techniques to employ daily. Jane is a dedicated and passionate instructor.”

“I would say the class changes your life forever in an amazing way…”

"Three years ago I herniated a disc. The accompanying pain hindered my dancing and impacted some important aspects of my normal life, like walking. Jane's application of Alexander Technique allowed me to have a reflective and sensible recovery. Not only can I walk, I can run--and sit (inside joke)--with much ease. I'm performing again and dancing, I feel, with a subtler mindfulness. Jane's a very positive, affable and responsive guide. She helps me to be attuned to balance, flow, efficiency and lightness in moving and being."

- John Mario sevilla – Director, Dance Education Laboratory at the 92nd St. Y Harkness Dance Center

I began working with Jane Tomkiewicz during one of the most difficult periods in my life. I was experiencing pain and nerve-related symptoms in my upper body and limbs that made basic activities such as grasping, raising my arms and just sitting a challenge. I could no longer work and had seen several doctors and specialists, whose response to my condition was to prescribe pain killers that left me mentally dull and still unable to resume my normal life. Unwilling to live in a drug-induced haze, I began to explore alternative modalities and the Alexander Technique became an important part of my recovery.

Jane is a gifted teacher. In the years we worked together, she gave me invaluable tools that I continue to use to this day. She was patient, insightful, enthusiastic and flexible, and each and every lesson was helpful and meaningful. With Jane’s gentle guidance, I learned to become aware of how I was living in my body and how that affected my mind and life. She taught me how to change the very habits and patterns that I believe contributed to my painful condition, and am grateful to be able to say that I gradually and permanently recovered. Thank you, Jane!

- Kelleigh MacKenzie

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