The Alexander Technique with Jane Tomkiewicz for poise, balance and ease.
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Class Schedule and Events

New Classes in the Alexander Technique,

What if standing up, sitting up, and everyday movements could be much easier than you ever thought possible? Learn how the Alexander Technique can help you enjoy your everyday posture. Medical researchers are concluding that good posture is therapeutic, and can provide relief from musculoskeletal pain.

MONDAYS Stress Management Tools 8 sessions $195

Teacher: Brooke Lieb / Mondays April 12—June 7, 2010* 9 am—10:15 am

TUESDAYS The Art of Posture 8 sessions $195

Teacher: Jane Tomkiewicz Tuesdays April 13—June 1, 2010 6:45 pm—8 pm

THURSDAYS Posture & Poise 8 sessions $195

Teacher: Brooke Lieb Thursdays April 15—June 3, 2010 9 am—10:15 am

Limit 10 people per class


The American Center for the Alexander Technique
39 West 14th Street, Room #507
NY, NY 10011
(212) 633-2229 / /

Training teachers for over 40 years, America’s first and oldest teacher training program now offers class series for the public. *Founded in 1964, and certifying teachers since 1967, ACAT’s missions are: teacher training, member services, public outreach and education.

The classes were initiated as a result of interest following the publication in the British Medical Journal of a clinical trial which showed that the Alexander Technique lessons are effective and provide long-term benefit1[1] See the British Medical Journal study online or see enclosed abstract:

At the 92nd St. Y Daytime and evening 10-week-class-series are offered 3 times a year - October, January and June - through the Dance For Life program of Harkness Dance Center at the 92nd St. Y - though no dance experience is required to take the class. Classes are usually at 12:15pm on Wednesdays and 6:30pm on Thursdays. For more information and to register on-line go to and look under Dance / Dance for Life.

Upcoming Y Schedule

Union Square Area (The American Center for the Alexander Technique or The Hope Martin Studio) Free Introductions / Private lessons. Semi-private or small group depending on interest and availability of students. Call for more information.

The Feldenkrais Center of Park Slope. Free Introductions / Private, Semi-private, small group lessons. Special Package - One free introduction, 4 classes and 1 private lesson. Classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays at 9am or 7:15pm

Other Special Events:
A new model for Posture: The Support /Movement/Mind Continuum

(Learn why neuroscientists love the Alexander Technique and how this amazing self-care practice can help you address musculo-skeletal pain, posture concerns, or musical/theatrical/athletic performance issues!)

Saturday Feb.13 Park Slope Feldenkrais Center 374 5th Ave betw. 5th & 6th Sts.
1:30pm FREE Introductory Class
3:30pm FREE Special Workshop for Parents and Caregivers:

Manage the physical challenges of caring for children: Avoid "mommy injuries" while lifting, carrying, feeding, rocking, baby and equipment and young children RSVP Required for either event.

CLASS SERIES STARTING Feb. 23 and 26 - limit 4 people per class.

TUes. 9:15 am THurs. 9:15 am Tues. 7:15 pm.
3 class series for $60. 3 classes and 1 private $100.

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